The Guru and the Chela. By the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

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   The Guru and the Chela. By the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

  These Teachings in the form of a Dialogue between a Divine Master and His Pupil, were given by the Ascenced Master Kuthumi through Miss Geraldine Innocente. They were first published in The Bridge to Freedom Journals, from April 1954 to October 1956.

   CHELA- Beloved Master: What is the attitude to approach in endeavoring to learn the scientific Law of Precipitation?

   GURU- Blessed chela: The power of precipitation is given to man specifically to lower the Divine Plan into the physical appearance world, and thus create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The attitude of consciousness should be to accept the promptings (God desires) gratefully; to bless the Father for entrusting you with the opportunity of drawing forth from those ideas a perfect manifestation; to fashion daily with the scissors of the mind the form of the pattern desired; to feed your thought pattern with feelings of love, beauty, harmony and blessing; to remind yourself daily that the precipitation upon which you are working is for the glorification of God and the blessings of your fellowman; to practically use the talents, substance, energy and physical attributes afforded you to draw the manifestation into form; and, finally, when you have received it, to use it for the blessing of your fellowman as well as for yourself

                               Ascended Master Kuthumi. The Bridge to Freedom Journal. September, 1955.




The Guru and the Chela.